It only takes one look at Kelly’s posts to catch her energy—so captivating, calm and lovely. From the personalized letters she writes for her babies, to the sweet pictures of her little family, Kelly shares her journey through motherhood in such an endearing way.

While adding one baby to the mix can flip your world upside down, two can surely shake up your days. But for this twin mom, life became filled with double the fun.

“When I found out I was having twins, I had a freak out moment. And the rest of the time, I laughed,” said Kelly, reminiscing on the excitement that pulled her through.

“I remember the doctor explaining to me how serious twin pregnancies could be, and I was laughing because I was going to have TWO! I still couldn’t believe it.”

Despite suffering from a rare condition and a shortening cervix that forced her to stay on bed rest for most of the pregnancy, Kelly kept her spirits high.

“Even in moments where I was worried that they would be born early, I stayed on the positive side and didn’t let the worried side take hold. You can stress all you want, but what’s going to be will be. I tried to hold onto that.”

She did a great job staying hopeful—her babies were born full term and completely healthy.

Meet Liam & Noah, her now 9 month old twins.



Liam the observer on the left loves: Momma, rattles, fish tanks & cuddling.

Noah the explorer on the right loves: Cell phones, choo choo trains, bananas & bouncing.

“It’s been such a blessing to embrace motherhood. Life with twins is so fun,” Kelly said as she reflected on her days now spent with the boys.

“I love tummy time and getting on their level to play. I know they will not be this little forever!”

With these two bundles of cuteness, Momma also loves showing them the world. Already the family has traveled around Nashville, road tripped to Texas and flew to California. Now, they are gearing up for another big adventure.




In May this year, Kelly’s crew plans to pack up and move closer to family in big old Texas.

To follow their journey and discover this Mom’s introspective take on motherhood, check out Kelly’s Instagram (@Kelly_Ann) and Blog.

Sometimes filling your feeds with positive people may be all the inspiration you need to live life a little fuller.

As for expectant twin moms, Kelly offered a final piece of advice: “Embrace it. You can do it. You were chosen to be a twin Momma for a reason. It will be the greatest blessing that you ever have.”


“Your hands will be full – but your heart will be fuller.”



Written By: Michelle Lenzen