If you follow any Insta-famous moms, chances are you’ve seen a bottle of this product make a cameo in a bath time scene or two:

Tubby Todd 1

Safe, 100% natural and made in the USA, the Tubby Todd bath line is filling tubs from sea to shining sea. With fresh scents, kid-friendly bubbles, adorable marketing and thoughtful manufacturing, it’s no surprise that there’s a mother behind this brand.

Meet Andrea, the founder who dreamed up Tubby Todd and made the company a reality.

Andrea and Kids from Tubby Todd

“After years of testing bath ingredients, our son was born and has always had such rough skin. It then became a goal of ours to work hard to make a product that would work well for all members of our family. On his sensitive skin, my little lady’s long hair, to moisturize my rough hands.”

Using Andrea’s previous marketing experience, she and her husband took their idea to market to create products that resonated with people. Soon enough, the Tubby Todd Bath Co. was born.

Now a successful entrepreneur, business owner, published author and stay at home mom, Andrea is showing women how entrepreneurship and motherhood can serendipitously coincide. Her secret to productivity is simple: she acknowledges the number of hours in a day and chooses to look at them differently.  Instead of limiting her, the clock drives her.

“I am really conscious of where I place each minute. I consider every hour precious and I feel like I am really holding on tightly to every moment!”

With a sprightly attitude, Andrea is pursing her business with passion alongside raising her family.

“Interestingly enough, being a stay at home mom is when I really came to understand what I was good at, what I valued, and how I want to balance my time.”

Tubby Todd 2

While some stay at home moms feel the Pinterest pressure to create a picture perfect motherhood, Andrea chose to invest herself in her strengths and the things that make her truly happy.

“Other moms craft, bake challenging desserts and spend a lot of time decorating their home. I’ve never been a crafter and decorating gives me anxiety! Ha! But I love marketing. I love creating, writing and collaborating.”

She followed her intuition and, with the help of her husband, built a company that’s inspiring other families to embrace the beauty of bath time.

“In my opinion, we live in the most amazing time in the world because women can pursue almost any interest, any career, right in the comfort of their own home. I don’t have to leave my little ones nine to twelve hours a day and I am able to run a business that fulfills me on all levels.”

Of course, creating an incredible company and raising good little people takes a lot of time and dedication to do both well.

“The balance can be challenging at times but I embrace that because my number one priority has always been to be a mom. Watching your babies learn to love and care for others is incredible. For me, I just feel grateful for the ability to live my dream and pursue Tubby Todd at the same time.”

As for other stay at home moms, Andrea can offer a bit of advice for how they too can start their own businesses:

“Work hard to be the best mom you can be. From there, you will start to see needs for products or business opportunities and with time, something will come. If you do that throughout your life, you will always have the confidence that you can do whatever you put your mind to.”

Thanks Andrea, for confidently turning your idea into a reality and inspiring us with your drive.

Tubby Todd

To learn more about Tubby Todd, visit their website.