Some kids make homemade cards and buy thoughtful trinkets for their Mom on her birthday, while others choose a more innovative approach to gift giving. Take for instance the Hamer boys, who threw together a birthday presentation and pitched their Mother, Lisa, on why she should start an online business. Nothing says, “Happy Birthday, Mom!” like a business plan made with love from your kids.

After watching the enthusiasm and dedication Lisa had for personal training, Danny, Mitch and Joey mapped out their vision for how their Mom could share this passion with the world. To get her on board, they assembled a PowerPoint presentation complete with testimonials from her girlfriends and even recited a few lines of persuasive poem.

“We wanted to create a website and brand called Strong Like Mom. There are a ton of fitness moms out there but we think she’s perfect for it. She has 3 boys who are all grown up and she’s whipped us all into shape. Her clients love her classes and she’s got so many workouts and is full of knowledge. More people need to know about her,” said Joey.

Since becoming a certified personal trainer 7 years ago, Lisa has been teaching classes at their home while working a full time job in real estate. She has an archive of all the workouts from clients she’s trained and keeps detailed notes to document the best exercises for different strength and ability levels. Now with the help of her sons, she is taking her fitness knowledge from the basement to the web to teach a wider audience.

“I am just a regular mom that loves exercise,” said Lisa. “My motto is Fit, Not Fancy. You don’t have to belong to a major club to enjoy fitness.”

After years of studying personal training and exercises for the human body, Lisa wants to educate other women on the right way to workout.

“It’s not about the length of your workout. It’s how efficient you are. You don’t have to exercise for an hour, I don’t even workout that long!”

Through Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, Strong Like Mom is sharing fitness inspiration, tips and workouts. Her focus centers around giving quality exercise guidance to lead a healthier, happier life.

“I’m not putting out calendars in bikinis. I have a 30 year old son!” she laughed.

Lisa is just a real mom, working out in a real basement, inspiring other women to get stronger. Her love for fitness runs deep; despite the craziness and stress of motherhood, she managed to stay committed to her health while she raised her kids.

“When my oldest son Danny was born, I had a stationary bicycle in our townhouse. I remember riding it and watching him get mesmerized by the wheel.”

While Lisa actively pursued her passion for fitness, her kids took note. Now Danny rides his own bicycle to work every day, Joey recently got certified to be a personal trainer and Mitch is in the midst of completing his Mom’s 30 day challenge.

Things are coming full circle as the people Lisa inspired have all joined forces to encourage her to take her talent to the next level. Now focusing full time on her fitness endeavor, Lisa is excited (and a little nervous) to see all the crazy new ideas her boys have in store as they build the Strong Like Mom brand.

“Eventually we want to have a website with her workouts for purchase. We also want to create an app where you can search for exercises based on equipment. If someone wants to work out on a Bosu ball, they can submit feedback on what they like and we can create a more personalized workout for them,” said Joey.

For now, you can find a daily dose of inspiration from Strong Like Mom on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Thanks for motivating us to be a little more fit, Lisa!

Lisa and her sons now


Written by: Michelle Lenzen

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