Back in college, Esther Anderson started recording videos with one of her best friends as a joke. Then she got married, had a baby, moved about 18 times and decided to make some of her videos public via YouTube channel. Now with almost 25,000 subscribers and her most viral video reaching nearing 15 million views, it turns out people really love watching Esther’s take on motherhood.

In a series of short videos, this Momma and her sidekick/daughter Ellia show the world what parenting really looks like. Beyoncé may wakeup flawless, but real Moms wakeup more like this:

Why Co-Sleeping Is No Sleeping

Sometimes the day greets you with a baby finger in the nose and that’s okay.

“We want to be realistic about the way we portray parenthood,” said Esther. “Not everything is perfect, especially with kids. Everyone messes up and sometimes you need to be real with people about that.”

Whether you’re looking for a laugh or some comfort in the chaos of motherhood, this Mom’s YouTube channel so beautifully captures humor in the everyday routine with a baby around.

Take for instance her video…

Why Moms Get Nothing Done

“This one was so easy to film. I just turned the camera on. The only thing I did deliberately was put a little dirt and yogurt on Ellia, but other than that, it was all her.”

With an adventurous baby on the move, there is only so much staging Esther can do. And when you let babies be babies, a hilarious compilation of cuteness ensues.

Aside from giving her material to become a YouTube sensation (which Esther still thinks is pretty weird), motherhood changed her in ways she didn’t expect.

“I figured my job as a mom would be to shape my child, but kids bring out your flaws and show your mistakes. The most incredible thing about being a mom is seeing how my daughter changes me for the better,” she said.

About as real as it gets, Esther tries to embrace all the quirks of motherhood. She also has a little advice for new or expectant parents:

“If you cry about all the poop on the walls and the couch, then you won’t be able to enjoy raising a baby.”

For this inspiring mom, happiness is counting the laughs over the messes.

Written By: Michelle Lenzen


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